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I study algebraic topology. I am especially interested in understanding homotopy groups. Currently I am working on several aspects of homotopy theory:




Publications and preprints


  • The algebraic Goodwillie tower
  • An attempt to understand the Goodwillie derivatives of the unstable Adams tower via the lambda algebra.
  • On the K(2)-local unstable homotopy groups of S^3 at p≥5
  • Computes unstable homotopy groups of the 3-sphere after apllying the K(2)-local Bousfield-Kuhn functor.
  • Homotopy of the K(2)-local Goodwillie derivatives of spheres
  • Investigates the Goodwillie derivatives of spheres: BP-homology, cellular structure, secondary and higher suspension, action of the Morava stabalizer group.
  • The monochromatic stable Hopf invariant
  • Gives a formula for the James-Hopf map, after applying the Bousfield-Kuhn functor, on Morava E-theory. Computes the monochromatic stable Hopf invariants of the beta families.

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